Why meat is so bad for you

You probably have heard it many times: meat is bad for you. But what makes it so bad for you? And why should we not eat it? Well, the answers lie within this blog post. If you’re just a curious vegan, or trying to make the switch to a vegan diet, we guarantee you’ll find this interesting!

 High risk of osteoporosis

One reason everyone eats meat, is because of the protein. So what's wrong with that? Protein is made of amino acids. Meat, and other animal products (poultry, fish, eggs, cheese) are very acidic. And so are the amino acids. According to Dr. McDougall, "The body must neutralize all this extra acid; and the primary “buffering system” of the body is the bones. Over many years, the bones are destroyed in the process of releasing alkaline structural materials in an attempt to neutralize these excess dietary acids. Fruits and vegetables are alkaline.* Consuming these plant foods reverses bone loss, and thereby osteoporosis can be cured". Everyone says that you need meat to have strong bones! This is not a fact, it’s a myth, that’s been busted. Meat = acidic bones = osteoporosis.

 High risk of heart disease

The truth is becoming more realized: Meat causes heart disease. This deadly disease is (one) of everyone's worst nightmares. Lots of studies have shown a strong link between meat, and heart disease. A typical western diet (one that includes lots of animal products) has saturated fat and cholesterol. When these substances build up on your artery walls, blood flow is restricted. The artery becomes damaged, and not enough blood is able to flow to various areas of the body, which causes impairment, otherwise known as heart disease.


High risk of cancer

Meat causes cancer. Nowadays, it's impossible not to hear of it! It's not a conspiracy, studies have shown the connection between meat and cancer. The results from a study done in Uruguayconfirm findings of increased risk of digestive tract cancers, and suggest that meat consumption also increases the risk of several other cancers. Breast cancer has also been linked to meat. Meat = an acidic body. An acidic body = cancer cells spreading. Cancer can’t feed off of alkaline foods. A.K.A Plant foods. Finding a cure for cancer is a topic talked about very often! But we need to also focus on our diet. The American Institute of Cancer Research also recommends a plant based diet.

Meat causes acne (and makes it worse)

Meat causes acne? No one thinks of acne as something that's caused by diet. It's just part of a teen's growth spurt! Right? I found a personal log on acne.org. This man says that he had mild acne for years. He switched to the paleo diet, but barely ate meat because it was expensive. Later on, he wanted to increase his meat intake. But he realized that he never ate meat at the university, so, he started eating meat again, for protein. He did his own experiment, and the mornings after the days he had meat, he had new zits. He found out the acidity in the meat was his problem. This is a common example for many battling breakouts. But all animal products create inflammation in the body. Inflammation causes an array of problems, and acne is one of them. 

Meat causes obesity

It's a well known fact: a vegan diet rich in whole foods, reverses obesity. It's estimated that 160 MILLION americans are obese or overweight. As we said before, meat is extremely high in saturated fats and cholesterol. AHA! We found the culprit! The vegan diet is very low in fats, and is a very effective way to reverse obesity. Read more about this on PETA's website

Meat increases the risk of type 2 diabetes

Everyone says that sugar causes diabetes. Is this true? Or is this just a myth? According to Dr. Michael Greger, Sugar does not cause diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is caused by eating diets rich in fats. And guess what is high in fat? Meat. All this fat raises your blood sugar levels. But blood sugar needs to be let in, in order to come inside our cells. Watch Dr. Greger's video about what causes insulin resistance. Research has shown that eating a vegan diet can reverse diabetes.

So, now we know why meat is bad for us. And why we shouldn't eat it. Let us know in the comments section below what you thought about this article!


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